What Does It Take for an Attorney to Win at Trial?

Not every attorney is going to check every detail of a case like they should. Some may even disregard evidence or simply scan it.  In the case of personal injury, this can end up being the very thing that makes or breaks your case.  It could be what decides if your medical care will be compensated presently and in the future.

In this video, attorney Jack Hickey talks about a serious personal injury case that involved a negligent valet who lied in court. By looking at the video (that even the defense attorney ignored), Jack was able to prove fault and win his client $2.6 million for his broken leg.

Experienced personal injury attorney, John H. (Jack) Hickey is thorough and determined when it comes to proving the case for his clients. You can learn more about his experience or you can call him now at (888)393-1388.

Video Transcript

They of course had a valet service in the front of the hotel. The valet is not paying very much attention, and his foot, you know, the door is open the, the driver's door is open and his left leg is out and everything so he's only half way in the car, but his right foot gets off and slips off the brake and goes on to the accelerator and it it charges forward and smashes into a car in front of it. Well, the only problem is my client was behind that car in front of the BMW, and so he's standing there getting something out of the trunk at the time and his left leg is pinned between the two cars and actually the BMW keeps going back and forth against the bumper and the leg of my client. Thank goodness it wasn't severe enough to amputate or anything like that, but he did get the the base of the femur (the femur is this big bone in the upper leg), and the base of it, the end of it, it's kind of shaped like a fist, and part of it was broken off, and so they put one pin in it. These valets had this habit of driving up to the front of the hotel with the door open and their one leg, the left leg, out of the car. And they testified they never did that and they argued. The attorney argued to the jury in the beginning, well we didn't do that, and I had the video that they provided me of the incident right, but apparently nobody except for me watched the entire video, because there was the answer. You'd see a car come up and you'd see the incident where the one car hits another, and then the video went on and on, and I watched the video after it went on and on and you could see other people coming up with the door open and their leg out. It was kind of blurry, but you could see that, and I told the jury, "You can see it right there." When it comes time, the other cars are driving up with valets and the doors open. You could see the jurors nodding their head, going like, you know, pointing out that, oh yeah, that's.. they do it all the time. We went to trial, and we asked for a few million dollars and the jury awarded on that case $2.6 million for that broken leg.

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