Facing Weapon Charges in the State of Georgia

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Facing Weapon Charges in the State of Georgia

Facing Weapon Charges in the State of Georgia

The state of Georgia controls, maintains, and regulates the possession and use of concealed firearms, which includes explosives and guns. Georgia weapon charges  are a serious offense. This is because the majority of all weapon charges are considered felonies. Unlike many states, however, the state of Georgia has fewer restrictions on gun ownership. If you are being accused of a weapons charge, a qualified criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges held against you. If you have been criminally accused with a weapons charge, you should know that there are different factors that can determine the outcome of your conviction. Being convicted of a felony or misdemeanor will depend on the type of weapon that was in your possession at the time of the arrest. Other determining factors that can play a role in your sentencing is your intention with the firearm and if you have any past criminal offenses. To further explain, a convicted felon is prohibited from using firearms or weapons.

While the charges and its implications can be difficult to understand, it is noteworthy to recognize that you have civil rights that can and should be protected. An experienced weapons crime attorney can powerfully assist in your case by reducing the charges and possibly even eliminating the accusations.

Obtaining Weapon Permits in the State of Georgia

In the state of Georgia, individuals over the age of 18 do not need a permit to purchase a weapon if the intention is to keep the firearm at their private residence. Due to the law in the state of Georgia, a person only needs to file for a permit if he or she plans on carrying the weapon in public places. If a person decides on purchasing a weapon but does not have a permit, the person may only lawfully keep the weapon in his or her property or home. This includes places of business and motor vehicles. For the vast majority of individuals who intend on not filing for a firearm permit, it is usually to keep the weapon at home, for self-protection only.  

The Types of Weapons Charges

A weapons charge in the state of Georgia can indicate a very long prison sentence. The consequences of having a weapons charge on your criminal record can affect you throughout your life. Being convicted of a weapons charge can affect any future jobs or promotions, and it can also affect your ability to buy or rent a home if background checks are needed. Ultimately, having a weapons charge can affect your stability and income. Consult with a professional attorney if you are being charged with a weapons crime. Doing so can dramatically reduce the charges, or eliminate them completely.

The following is a limited list of crimes you could be committing if you are carrying on your person a firearm or other weapon:

  • Unlawful possession or the selling of a weapon;
  • The possession of a firearm without adequate permits;
  • Committing a crime while carrying a firearm;
  • The theft of a weapon;
  • Having unlawful firearms on your person;
  • Possessing a weapon while on parole or probation;
  • Carrying of a concealed firearm without the proper permits or licenses; and/or
  • Having a firearm with the intent of obstructing or changing the serial number.

Under Georgia state law, firearms are prohibited in public places. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Education buildings;
  • Religious houses;
  • Government buildings;
  • Prisons or jails;
  • Medical facilities; and
  • Federal buildings.  

High-power weapons, however, are absolutely not permissible.  A high-powered weapon can include:

  • Hand grenades,
  • Sawed-off firearms,
  • Firearms with silencers, and
  • Machine guns.

Additional less obvious but highly common unlawful concealed weapons can include

  • Knives,
  • Guns, and
  • Tasers.

The Repercussions of Being Charged With a Weapons Crime

Weapon and firearm charges are very severe in the state of Georgia. A conviction for a weapons charge usually results in imprisonment, fines, and a criminal record, which can negatively affect a defendant’s life. If you have been charged with a weapons charge, the penalties for the charge can vary.

Several elements can affect the charge:

  • the type of weapon that was used or found
  • the action or activity being done while in possession of the weapon
  • if the firearm was loaded and/or concealed
  • the defendant’s criminal history

Facing weapon charges in the state of Georgia due to the using or possession of a weapon is a serious matter.  With the help of a professional criminal defense attorney, you can understand the severity of the weapon charges.  It is also equally important to seek professional assistance if you are being charged with a crime resulting from your firearm possession. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to explain what you can expect during your hearing and also explain how to protect your civil rights and reach the best possible outcome for your case



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