Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Truck Accidents?

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Why should you call a lawyer after an 18-wheeler wreck?

Carson R. Runge is a personal injury attorney with Sloan Law Firm with offices in Longview and Houston, TX. He concentrates his practice on catastrophic personal injury cases. In this Quick Question, he explains why a lawyer for truck accidents is so valuable after an 18-wheeler wreck.

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Bringing an attorney onto your case as soon as possible after a truck accident can level the playing field.

Immediately after an accident occurs involving an 18-wheeler, the driver will call their company who will then contact their insurance provider and legal team. Trucking companies are well-prepared to handle any kind of accident, and will even send their own people to investigate the scene as soon as it occurs.

Unfortunately, the investigators sent by a trucking company to the scene of an accident have been known to hide, alter, and even destroy evidence that could have otherwise been pertinent to the case. This is why it is vital to be equally prompt in contacting your own legal representative who can arrive at the scene to conduct their own investigation and preserve evidence that might otherwise have been lost.

Truck accident attorneys are well-versed in trucking and insurance law.

The laws for truck drivers and trucking companies differ significantly from those that drivers of standard passenger vehicles are expected to follow. This is why it is particularly important to hire an attorney who has proven experience handling truck accident cases to begin building your case for compensation.

Truck accident attorneys know what to expect from trucking and insurance companies, and canpreemptively protect against any potential unscrupulous behavior. In fact, the legal teams that work for these trucking companies keep their own lists of which attorneys they want to avoid seeing in court. They know they are less likely to win a case or get away with offering an amount insufficient to cover the victim’s damages if they’re going against an experienced trial attorney.

If hiring an attorney seems out of the question, it may help to note that most of these attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means clients are not required to pay unless and until their attorney wins the case.

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Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Is a lawyer worth the money after you've been entered in a car or truck crash? We ask Texas attorney Carson Runge in this AskTheLawyers.com Quick Question.

Carson Runge:

I can assure you that immediately after the 18 wheeler wreck occurs, that 18 wheeler driver's calling his company and that company is calling their insurance carrier, and the 18 wheeler industry and the insurers that provide them insurance have created a nationwide network.

Worse, they call a 1-800 number, they will have "investigators" there on the scene within hours, and it's been our experience that these "investigators" are moving evidence, they're destroying evidence, they're changing evidence, and that's why it's so important to hire a skilled and qualified lawyer when you're involved in an 18 wheeler wreck, immediately following that wreck.

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