Why Are TBIs Called Invisible Injuries?

This video features Kevin Swenson, a Personal Injury attorney based in Utah.

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Why are brain injuries sometimes called the invisible injury? We asked Utah lawyer Kevin Swenson for this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Kevin Swenson:

Brain injuries are referred to as the invisible injury, and that kind of came out when soldiers were returning and had a lot of trauma and brain injuries that weren't getting diagnosed. They're called the invisible injury because, for the most part, the person looks healthy; they look good. They can function in a lot of areas, but their brain is not working the way it's supposed to or the way it was prior. So they have a harder time doing some cognitive things, or sometimes processing, or sometimes it affects the vision. So there are things that really have a deep impact on the person who suffered it, but the people just meeting them would never know they're injured at all.

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