Why are Brain Injuries “Invisible”?

This video features Brian Davis, a Personal Injury attorney based in North Carolina.

North Carolina TBI Lawyer Explains

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Why are brain injuries sometimes called the invisible injury? We ask North Carolina lawyer Brian Davis for this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Brian Davis:

Head injuries are often called the invisible injury because you can't see them, you know, you look at somebody who's got a head injury and you go, "They look fine, what's the problem?" And that's one of the challenges as a lawyer, is not only helping the client understand that there is something organically going on inside their skull, and that justifies them seeking treatment to try and get better, but it also presents a challenge when we go to the courtroom because juries can't see the injury, so a lot of times what we end up having to do is do some very high-tech diagnostic testing with a very specialized MRI, having those images that we can bring into the courtroom and show the jury with the doctor who did the test and who understands what it means and who can explain it is incredibly powerful and persuasive.

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