Which Pressure Cooker Brands Malfunction and Explode?

This video features George E. McLaughlin, a Personal Injury attorney based in Colorado.

Pressure Cooker Burn Injury Attorney George McLaughlin

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Do you know which pressure cookers are malfunctioning and causing injuries, some of them severe? We ask lawyer George McLaughlin for an Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

George McLaughlin:

One of the largest selling brands over the last few years has been a product called the Instant Pot, which is sold on Amazon online, but also sold in big box stores like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath Beyond and others, some other common names are the crock pot, which not all crock pots are pressure cookers, but there's a Crock Pot brand pressure cooker that is owned by Sunbeam, a well-known old appliance manufacturer, it goes back many decades in the US. Gosh, there are probably 15, 20 different brands of pressure cookers, but they're all made abroad, they all appear to need to be made in China, I haven't found one yet that wasn't made by a manufacturer in China. The tweaks the particular companies request for what they want their product to look like, features they want it to have, but it appears to me there's just a very small number of manufacturers of these products in China that make them for Sunbeam Crock Pot, Instant Pot, Bella and others.

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