What to Say to the Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

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Following a serious crash, it’s critical to know what to say to the insurance company after a truck accident. Or rather, what not to say.

Pius Joseph is an injury attorney with Law Offices of Pius Joseph in Pasadena, California. He has over 30 years of experience helping injured victims throughout California. In this video, he explains the right way to deal with the insurance company after a car accident.

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1. Do not give them a statement.

Trucking companies have very powerful insurance companies that are very good at what they do. Their goal: get you to admit that the accident was your fault, thus absolving themselves of liability. Anything you say to them can (and likely will) be used against you.

Instead, you can simply decline to give them a statement. If they call, just that now is not a good time. If you have an attorney, you can refer all questions to them. If you talk to them, you are potentially forfeiting your case to them. Make sure your attorney is dealing with these companies on your behalf.

2. Do not accept their settlement

Right out of the gate, they may offer you what seems like a fair amount of money. You shouldn’t accept it. What they don’t tell you is that if you accept it, that’s it. You have waived your ability to seek any additional compensation.

Let’s say they offer you $1,000. If you sustain a traumatic brain injury, this will change your whole life. You may not be able to work the same job. You may need physical therapy and medication for the rest of your life. You may need to hire around-the-clock medical care. You may need expensive surgeries. Your spouse may need to adjust their career to help care for you. You may need to make modifications to your home and vehicle. That $1,000 won’t come anywhere close to covering those costs.

Instead, an attorney can determine a fair amount of compensation for the pain and damage you’ve sustained. It won’t undo the accident, but it can help set you on a stable path for moving forward. Only by working with an attorney can you fight for a fair verdict or settlement that covers all the costs you’ve incurred or will incur.

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Video Transcript:

When they call you, my suggestion is do not answer that phone because they are going to first take your recorded statement and they will have that statement available to them. They will prompt you to say things that you shouldn't be saying and they will try to turn around the case with a recorded statement. That's first thing. Secondly, they will offer you a lollipop. They will give you a thousand dollars to sign off something called a release. That means you give up your rights. That will be the most disastrous thing as a victim of a truck crash that you can do because you're being hit by an 80,000 pound big vehicle. Look at the G forces or the velocity in which you're getting slammed and many get slammed in that way. You think your body is going to be the same? It won't be. So this is not something, a story that lawyers are making up. This is the reality. The reality is your human body is vulnerable with that kind of force. And whether you're young or old, it doesn't matter. You need to make sure that the case is looked at by a lawyer that knows the stuff.

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