What To Do If a Dog Bites Your Child

This video features Steve Grover, a Personal Injury attorney based in Alberta, Canada.

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Video Transcript: 


What should I do if my child was bit by a dog and sustained serious injuries?

Steve Grover: 

If your child's bit by a dog, make sure you know where the dog's owner is or try and locate the dog, get the dog's tag. Obviously, it's important to call the municipality to make sure that the bylaw officer knows about the attack, so the city can contact the dog pound office and make sure someone goes out to make sure that that dog doesn't attack someone else. Secondly, I think it's important for that child to get medical care, to go to the hospital, see the doctor, if stitches are required, get those cuts stitched up. A big part of dog cases really people don't think about is the psychological injuries, because you have a dog attacking the child and that could traumatize the child, so make sure the doctors know about any kind of traumatic injuries or psychological so that child can get counseling. And also take pictures of the dog bite, so you have that photo to show as part of evidence, as part of the claim to the court, that this was actually the bite that my child suffered from this dog that attacked him or her.

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