What is the Definition of a Guardian Ad-Litem?

This video features Michelle Martin, a Civil Rights attorney based in Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio Juvenile Law Lawyer

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

What is a guardian ad litem and why is it so important? Let's ask Ohio Lawyer Michelle Martin in this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question:

Michelle Martin: 

I love guardian ad litems, it is probably one of my most favorite roles within the legal system. It is a court-appointed, neutral, non-biased party who is appointed by the court to serve the best interest to the children, and they are to provide a recommendation to the court about what's in the children's best interest using best interest factors set out in the Ohio revised code. This particular role is extremely important because this person, as I I've said before, they're non-biased, they don't necessarily represent the children and what their desires are, they represent the children's interest and what's in the best interest. So it gives you an opportunity to do an investigation and really have full authority to see what's going on in this family's life, how is it affecting these kids, and how as a guardian ad litem in the court can we recommend what's in their best interest and put them in a better position.

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