What If You're Injured in an Intentional Car Crash?

What happens if someone intentionally crashes into you? And how you can you prove that the car crash was intentional? Brian Chase explains that a lawyer will need to investigate several factors to determine what really happened.

Video Transcript:

So you know as a personal injury attorney the things I'm looking at and looking for when I look into what's been publicly reported about this accident and it would be in any sort of auto accident personal injury case is the authorities are reporting that this driver intentionally drove into eight people on the road. So my first reaction is you know intentional acts are typically not insured. And there may not be insurance coverage for that. And so that's a red flag for me. One is red flag on insurance coverage so if you sue this person he has no assets or money. These poor eight victims of his act are going to go uncompensated. Now the bigger question is how did the authorities know this was done intentionally? And that's what a good lawyer I think would investigate and try to figure out. They just said the car did not indicate any evidence of braking. I've represented people that were hit by people that plowed right into them and if the person that hit him had a heart attack and was unconscious. I've had people get hit by other people. When someone was driving a car and got knocked out by carbon monoxide poisoning. So the mere fact that the car ran into these people and up a curb and then ultimately into a tree could be an intentional act. But I don't know if this person wasn't having some sort of health related issue. Now the benefit of that is obvious. One is the person that hit him if they didn't do it on purpose it's really a shame that they're being slammed for doing something on purpose. If they did then they should be punished for it obviously. But as an attorney that's representing victims of accidents I want to get to the bottom of that. And this person that hit them could have had a heart attack, could have had a seizure, could have had all kinds of things going on that rendered them incapable of driving their car, hitting the brakes and avoiding the accident. So that's a long way of saying I don't know if it was an intentional act. In any kind of case when somebody says something that somebody did something intentionally, I want to investigate that. Because if they did, of course they should be punished even if it hurts the lawsuit, but if they didn't, you want to have insurance coverage so the victims of this negligent act can be compensated adequately, especially when the person that committed the act may or may not have any assets or sufficient resources to cover it.


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