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Don’t Be Forgotten: Digital Marketing During the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every industry, including law firms across the country. One of the main questions now is how attorneys will be able to access new clients in these unprecedented times. What will online marketing look like for attorneys in 2020 and beyond?

AskTheLawyers.com™ is an attorney listing site and leading attorney marketing company for lawyers. This webinar features presentations from:

  • [4:02] Tom Metier, senior partner of Metier Law Firm, board-certified trial attorney, President of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, and faculty member of the Trial Lawyers College.
  • [15:17] Rob Rosenthal, award-winning broadcaster, journalist, and Chief Marketing Officer with AskTheLawyers.com™
  • [24:33] Cheney Winslow, an innovator in the law firm advertising internet space and co-founder of AskTheLawyers.com™

This webinar covered topics such as changes to the legal industry, attorney networking, and referral processes as a result of COVID-19. Additionally, the presenters discussed how social media and video traffic have changed during the pandemic, affecting previous attorney internet marketing, and offered advice for how to maximize a law firm’s marketing budget.

Cheney Winslow discussed what makes some video marketing efforts succeed while others fail, as well as the best way to approach attorney video marketing. The importance of video legal marketing cannot be understated in times like these, where potential clients are primarily staying indoors and relying on the internet to answer their questions.

Finally, the presenters discussed how AskTheLawyers.com™ branding and distribution helps attorney videos effectively access and inspire a targeted audience.

In the Q&A segment following the presenters answered difficult questions, including why so many impressions from Facebook and Google are low in conversions, as well as what platforms are most conducive for attorney internet marketing. The presenters discussed reasons why other marketing firms seem to be ineffective, as well as what AskTheLawyers.com™ does differently for their clients.

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