Was a Tractor-Trailer Accident Caused by Speeding?

This video features Stewart J. Eisenberg, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Pennsylvania.

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

How can a lawyer help determine if a truck driver was speeding after a collision? We're asking Philadelphia attorney Stewart Eisenberg in this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Stewart Eisenberg:

The determination of speed in any accident is done a couple of different ways. We do it, ultimately with an expert accident reconstruction person who is trained in how accidents happen, what the speed of the vehicles are, whether it's the coefficient of friction in the roadway, it's skid marks that you look at, it's a witness testimony about how fast they were going compared to how fast the truck was going; and of course, you have a black box often that helps you find out how fast the truck was going at various intervals before the accident, how much it slowed down, and if it did slow down at all. So you have a lot of different ways to determine speed in an accident.

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