School Bus Safety: How Can We Improve?

This video features Christy Childers, a Personal Injury attorney based in Georgia.

Macon, GA Injury Attorney Recommends Better Standards for Drivers

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

How could Georgia school systems make school buses safer for school children who ride them? We asked Georgia lawyer Christy Childers in this Ask the lawyers quick question.

Christy Childers: 

School Bus Safety is a big passion of mine. I've handled a lot of school bus cases. I'm not sure how they keep finding me, honestly, but our school buses could be a lot safer if we held them to the same standards that we do other commercial drivers. And I know that they do have to be properly licensed, but a lot of times our school districts are faced with having to find people to drive their school buses and so they employ elderly bus drivers who may be on a number of prescriptions, and I've seen where a bus driver once ran over a child and killed them and didn't even know it. And so, we just need to make sure that we're having, maybe even more routine and more often medical checkups on our bus drivers, especially those who have underlying health conditions. I understand it's important to have our school buses fully staffed but gosh, what could be more important than getting a child safely to and from school?

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