Prostitution and Solicitation Defense Attorney in San Diego

This video features Mark L. Deniz Esq., a Criminal Law attorney based in California.

What To Do if Arrested or Charged with Prostitution/Solicitation

Video Transcript:

Tom Mustin: 

What are potential defenses to a prostitution or solicitation charge in California?

Mark Deniz: 

In most prostitution situations, obviously the act didn't occur. In most situations, someone walks in to a hotel room to find themselves sort of ambushed by the police. So, first of all, it didn't happen. What you're wanting to do is see how the person got to the location, what was the nature of the communications? It's usually by text messages, audio, and sometimes they don't have those audios, and within it, there's a lot of ambiguity, the words. Very rarely are there words that go to the charge itself. And if you do find that ambiguity and the words like, "I'll take care of you," instead of something that is a little bit more certain of the charge. So if you see those subtle words, those leave open arguments that you could find yourself finding solutions to getting the case dismissed, reduced and doubt going down that line.

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