Pressure Cooker Injuries: Is User Error a Factor?

This video features George E. McLaughlin, a Personal Injury attorney based in Colorado.

Nationwide Defective Product Attorney George McLaughlin

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

If you're hurt while using a pressure cooker, is it always user error? We ask Colorado attorney George McLaughlin in this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

George McLaughlin:

It's a combination. Sometimes it can be user error, but with the modern pressure cookers, both stovetop where the stove heats the cooker and the electric pressure cookers which are self-contained units, by design those units should not be able to be opened while they are under pressure. So even if the user mistakenly thinks there's no pressure in it and tries to open it, that shouldn't happen. So while, yes, it can be user error, there are supposed to be effective safety features built into the device to prevent injury.

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