Oakland Injury Lawyer Joel Siegal

A Career Built on Social Activism

Video Transcript:

Well, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a predominantly Italian family. I was the youngest of four brothers. My father was a union organizer, he went on to become the president of his union, and that led me to a career, it led me to a life of social activism. We were involved in the anti-war movement, we were involved in the civil rights movement, and it led me to law school ultimately, and that's the nature of our practice. We work for people, we help people, we fight on behalf of people.

Initially when I started, we were representing unions, and many of the members of the unions had problems and amongst the problems were personal injury problems, and so I started doing those. I like those, I like helping the people who had personal injuries. When you have a personal injury, you've lost an ability to make money, you're injured, you're having difficulties in relationships sometimes, so it's great to be there, it's great to be able to help people to hold their hand through those difficult times, and to be able to get people back on their feet after a horrible injury.

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