NYC Defense Attorney Fights for Immigrant Rights

This video features Cory Forman, an Immigration Law attorney based in New York.

New York Criminal Defense and Immigration Lawyer

Video Transcript:

Cory Forman:

I became more interested in social issues as I got older in law school, and I started out in the criminal justice system as a public defender, and from that represented a ton of non-citizens here in New York, and there were a lot of collateral consequences that us citizens didn't have to face in the immigration context that were significant for non-citizens, so I learned more about that, and that got me really into immigration law, following my career as a public defender, so a lot of immigration attorneys don't wanna deal with criminal issues, a lot of criminal attorneys don't want a deal when there's an immigration issue, so I focus where the two intersect. What's very minor in the criminal world could have a significant impact on a non-citizen, even a legal permanent resident, so it's very important that those individuals are advised properly as they navigate the criminal system. Like I said, what could be a very minor offense in the state law, a fine, a penalty that have enormous consequences on someone's immigration situation. There are a lot of powerful tools in both the criminal and the immigration arenas that are at people's disposal that they don't really realize, which we help them with.

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