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From fractured limbs and spinal cord injuries to airbag and seatbelt injuries, attorney Kathleen Reilly has helped victims dealing with a wide array of car accident injuries successfully seek recovery.

Kathleen M. Reilly is a personal injury attorney based in Kearny, New Jersey with over 30 years of experience. She is the managing partner of Brady Brady & Reilly, LLC. In this Quick Question, she explains how car accidents can cause a variety of injuries and how her firm knows doctors throughout the state who can help victims recover.

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A variety of car accident injuries are commonly seen.

Fractures, spine and neck injuries, back injuries, and knee injuries are particularly common after a car accident. When something as large and heavy as a car collides with something of similar size and weight, especially while traveling high speeds, injuries are bound to occur.

Injuries in a car accident range from mild to severe; Reilly’s firm has seen them all. Shoulder injuries, airbag injuries, and burn injuries are other common injuries Reilly and her team have seen and worked to obtain compensation for their clients on many occasions. Some injuries may be relatively easy to recover from, while others may entail a long period of recovery or continue to affect someone for the rest of their life. Personal injury attorneys have seen enough of these injuries to help you make a game plan for your present and future medical and life care needs.

Experienced car accident attorneys like Reilly and her firm have connections to skilled doctors in the fields of car accident injuries.

Just as it takes a lawyer with experience handling car accident cases to make a recovery for injured clients, it takes a doctor with experience working with car accident injuries to ensure a quick and smooth recovery. Car accident attorneys have access to expert resources in a variety of useful fields, from figuring out what exactly happened at the scene of the accident to medical resources for injured clients.

Emergency or immediate medical care is only the first step an injured party takes on their journey to physical recovery. Follow-up appointments in addition to physical and emotional therapy may be necessary for an injured person to heal all the way. In some situations, an injured person may continue to deal with the effects of the accident for the rest of their life. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to help with not only the legal elements of their client’s situation but their medical and future planning as well. A good personal injury attorney is committed to their client’s recovery, both financial and physical.

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Video Transcript:

Christine Haas:

Here's a Quick Question from We ask New Jersey attorney Kathleen Reilly a little bit about what types of cases are her specialty.

Kathleen Reilly:

We handle everything from fractured arms, fractured legs, fractured hips, spine injuries, neck and back injuries, knee injuries. A lot of people have knee injuries in motor vehicle accidents when their knees get banged on the dashboard or on the side of the door. Shoulder injuries, impingement from seat belts. Airbag injuries. There are many different types of injuries that occur when someone gets hit in the face, and it's a very significant punch and burns, so there are a multitude of different types of injuries that people can sustain when they're involved in a motor vehicle accident, depending on if the impact is coming from the side and they get pushed in different ways or from the back or from the front, so there's many different ways that our clients are injured and fortunately, we're familiar with doctors all over the state who are very well qualified to treat all of those types of injuries.

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