Motorcycle Shop Liable for Motorcycle Crash

This video features Claude Wyle, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

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A motorcycle crashes on the road. It’s the biker’s fault, right?

Maybe not.

Claude Wyle is a motorcycle injury attorney and partner at Choulos Choulos & Wyle. In this video, he explains a case he handled where a motorcycle shop was ultimately liable for man’s catastrophic motorcycle accident.

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What Happened in This Case?

Claude Wyle represented a man who sustained critical injuries in a motorcycle accident. Shortly after he purchased the bike, the bike wobbled and crashed into a guy wire. He ended up losing his leg.

The rider thought it was odd that the bike was wobbling after only 80 miles on it. During Claude Wyle’s investigation, he found that the motorcycle shop allegedly responsible for building the bike had cut corners when tightening the nuts and bolts on the steering mechanism. In fact, they had a habit of forging the inspector’s signature saying that the bike had passed quality assurance when really it was being built and inspected by a totally different company.

Using this information, Claude Wyle helped his client obtain a settlement that provided for a very stable life going forward.

Besides Drivers and Riders, Who Might be Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents?

Just because your motorcycle crashed doesn’t mean that it was your fault. Any number of agents can be responsible for automobile wrecks, including:

  • The motorcycle designers for creating a faulty design (in many cases, they knew or were warned about the design presenting some safety concerns, but they went forward with production anyway)
  • The designers and manufacturers of a defective component (steering or braking components, for example)
  • A repair shop for failing to diagnose or repair a safety threat
  • A dealership for knowingly selling an unsafe motorcycle
  • Municipal bodies for failing to design safe roads and/or remove hazards from the road

How Can an Attorney Help After a Motorcycle Crash?

An attorney can be extremely helpful in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, even if you end up not taking any legal action.

Simply call an experienced injury attorney who handles cases where the accident took place. For absolutely no charge, this attorney can meet with you, go over what happened, and give you an honest assessment of your best options moving forward. Even if your case doesn’t meet the threshold for filing a lawsuit, you can still rest easier knowing that you explored your options.

If a lawsuit is in your best interest, the attorney will handle all the hard stuff for you while you focus on your recovery. If the lawsuit ends successfully in your favor, you can receive compensation to cover your medical costs, lost wages from any work you missed, and your emotional costs like disfigurement, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Attorney Claude Wyle handles cases like this on a contingency basis, meaning that any attorney fees are subtracted from your eventual verdict or settlement. In other words, you don’t owe any out of pocket attorney fees.

To learn more, contact Claude Wyle now by calling 888-981-0826 or by submitting a contact form on this page. There is no charge to discuss your case with him.

Video Transcript:

Well I got a call from this guy named Cruz. Cruz says, “I was horribly horribly hurt in a motorcycle crash and I really would like to talk to you.” And I said "OK Cruz, well what happened, and what's your injury?" And he said "I lost my leg. I was riding by myself and all of a sudden my motorcycle just started to wobble and I lost control and I hit a guy wire." I said, "So how do you think I can help you?" He said, "Well the bike only had 80 miles on it and it should have never started to wobble."

When our experts took apart that bike, they took it apart bolt by bolt, nut by nut, and what they learned was, although the steering was supposed to be torqued to a certain tightness, on two of the nuts, the steering was only hand tightened and that meant that the steering could have actually been loose.

We learned that the motorcycle shop who assembled the motorcycle, we learned that although their mechanic had written, had signed off on the piece of paper that says "I checked every nut and bolt and I checked the tightness and the torque of every crucial fastener", when I took that gentleman's deposition, he said. "No. They just usually forge my name.” They send it out to an operation down the street and they put the whole bike together in about a half hour.

After we were able to obtain a settlement to assure that he would be financially healthy for the rest of his life, Cruz took that passion for helping people and started his new work and his new work is designing and fitting and creating prostheses for people who have lost their limbs, especially people who have come back from Afghanistan and Iraq. And that's what Cruz is doing today.

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