Meet Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer Chris Gilreath

This video features Chris Gilreath, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Tennessee.

Carrying On a Family Legacy of Helping the Injured

Video Transcript:

Chris Gilreath:

I actually started working at my father's law firm at the age of 13, just running errands and helping out. So for years off and on, I would spend time inside my father's law firm meeting clients, understanding how cases are put together, understanding what it means to be part of a system of civil justice and how people come to lawyers for help righting a wrong that's happened to them that they don't understand.

My passion for personal injury law is fundamental to this idea that everyone has intrinsic value. In this country we value individual liberty, and that individual liberty means the ability to go and live your life and pursue the path that you want for yourself. Sometimes you run into situations where—through no fault of your own—someone does something that harms that path that you're on, that blocks you from going where you're trying to go in life. There are some principles that the law seeks to protect. We want to respect people's right to start a business; to have a career; to raise a family; to live your life in a reasonable, straightforward, honest way. 

The law tries to value that and protect that. So seeing the stories that people would bring into my father's law firm and how they were really having a hard time, I really felt for them. I wanted to pursue a career that would allow me to use my skill sets and my creativity to actually speak for them and tell their stories in ways that they just couldn't.

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