Meet Newport Beach Injury Lawyer Michelle West

This video features Michelle M. West, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

Assisting with Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Product Defects in California

Video Transcript:

I started doing plaintiff's work and I saw that when people are involved in a car crash or when there's a product defect, they suffer catastrophic lifelong injuries that changes their life forever, and if the lawsuits and the legal field can be used to properly obtain compensation for them that makes their life better or that puts them in a position as close as possible to where they were before the accident or collision happened to them, that's what we wanna do. We wanna give them back as close as possible their life that they had before the incident. There are so many clients who are so amazing and they've just suffered so much and they just have been fabulous and dealing with adversity. They are the people who inspire me. It's a really hard job, and so in order to keep going, you have to be inspired by these people, and you are. It's amazing. I think even the ones where it doesn't go as well as you wanted it to go, they're so grateful that someone stood up for them in court, and they're so grateful that someone took on their case and listened to them, and they're just so grateful to have an advocate, and so you really do have these lifelong bonds, you've really spent a year, two years, honestly, sometimes five years, with these people and their family, listening to them, learning about their injuries, learning about their life and their successes. It's great. So you really form amazing and strong bonds.

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