Meet Houston Divorce Lawyer Duana Boswell-Loechel

This video features Duana Boswell-Loechel, a Family Law attorney based in Texas.

Helping People Find New Beginnings in Troubling Times

Video Transcript:

What I really love with family law is that being able to take somebody from probably one of the worst times in their life, they're scared, they don't know where they're gonna be going. They don't know what their life is gonna look like. And it is a pivotal point in their life, and to be able to give them that support and walk them through the process, and show them and give them some tools and some different things that they can do so that they're not just kinda out there after the decree is entered, and just watching that growth process and being able to help them realize that life's not over, there's more going forward, that just really strikes a note with me and that's what I love.

Somebody that listens and works with their clients and tries to shift mindsets and to shift perception of events and try to really get them to understand that the other person isn't their enemy, even though they may not be able to live with them and stay married to them anymore, they're not the enemy, and it's finding your own strength instead of blaming everything on the situation and what the other person is doing.

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