Meet Florida Car and Truck Accident Lawyer Joe Camerlengo

This video features Joseph V. Camerlengo Jr., B.C.S., a Personal Injury attorney based in Florida.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Helps Injured Victims

Video Transcript:

I'm originally from Staten Island in New York, we lived all over the city and upstate New York in the winter of '79-'80 it was too darn cold up there, and we moved down to Florida, so I grew up as a surfer, as an athlete, playing lots of sports. I only applied to the University of Florida Law School. I was, I just loved it there, and I was confident I was gonna get in. And it's obviously they say it's the greatest education in the country for the money you pay, and had a great time.

For seven and a half years, I was a defense lawyer defending claims until I had my then girlfriend, now wife and I had a car crash and realized that injuries were real and didn't get treated very well by the very insurance company I defended and decided that I was gonna take my talents to the other side. I've always been a people person, and so for me, being able to represent people who are injured, killed, suffered catastrophically from a serious crash is the utmost privilege. It's a huge burden, but one we take willingly and zealously and do everything we can to: One, bring justice to the families and two, hopefully restore their faith in the justice system, 'cause many people, because of all the TV advertising things that are out there, just don't have that high of an impression of lawyers until they find a good one to represent them and so we try and represent the clients zealously, get a great result, restore their faith in the system, and hopefully the third aspect is try and get some safety measure instituted by that trucking company that's gonna prevent that crash from happening again.

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