Meet Arizona Truck Accident Attorney Ryan Skiver

This video features Ryan Skiver, a Personal Injury attorney based in Arizona.

A Competitive Spirit Fighting for Victims’ Rights

Video Transcript:

I truly believe that you have to fight. And put in the effort to make sure that you get good results. I actually went to college for finance and I hadn’t intended on being a lawyer, but when I finished college, I didn't really wanna do the financial route, and so my dad, who is a doctor and a lawyer, suggested that I go to law school and give that a try. I like public speaking, which I know is crazy to a lot of people, but I figured if I can get into trials and have competition in public speaking and help people, that would be a good wrap to go. 

So I ended up taking his advice and I did go to law school in California and I moved to Arizona shortly thereafter, and I've been here for about 17 years now practicing law here, when you're doing personal injury and you're representing families who are going against some large insurance companies or trucking companies, or whoever it might be, you're really the little guy and you're fighting against these huge corporations that have all of this money and all of these lawyers and all of this time, and you really have to focus and outwork them in the right areas to make sure that your clients will come out on top, so it just really rang true to me to be able to help people with that competitive spirit that I already have, to be able to help people when they're going through one of the toughest times they'll ever go through in their life? And really to help those families to stay together and fight and be able to get justice to make sure that these same types of things don't happen to other people in the future.

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