Medical Malpractice: Radiology Errors

When a dangerous symptom slips through the cracks of the hospital system, medical malpractice can occur. We expect our medical staff to notice these red flags and act accordingly.

In this video, Nancy Winkler explains a case she handled where a radiologist misread an X-ray and failed to diagnose cancer. As a result, a cancerous nodule developed in her lungs that turned out to be fatal.

Contact an attorney today if you suspect that the hospital made an error that resulted in death or serious injury.

Video Transcript:

Radiology errors happen all the time. I have a lady that her family came in to us and she was alive when she came into us. She had had some hypertension. They had her in the hospital and admitted her to see what was going on. They did a chest X-ray. Just standard. They do a chest X-ray.

What they didn't reveal to the family was that there was a nodule. She was a non-smoker. She did not smoke cigarettes but there was a nodule in her lung that was suspicious for cancer. And the radiologist misread the radiology film and never advised any of her doctors or her about any problems or that she needed to have a CAT scan or any further studies and that this could possibly be cancer. Instead they just let her go and sent her out into the woods.

And then about a year and a half later, she started to have symptoms that caused her to go to a doctor and go back into the hospital and sure enough, when she went to the hospital they look back to this X-ray and saw that the nodule was there all of this time. She had always hoped to see her daughter marry, her daughter was in her late 20s when she died. She had always hoped to see her marry and have kids, and unfortunately she died a very very painful death. Never got to see her daughter get married. Her daughter since had twins and is now married and she feels like her mom's looking down on her.

We were able to make her life better and that was really really something her mother wanted. And why she proceeded with the case because when she could no longer be with her daughter, she would least one of her daughter to have a better life.

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