Loved One Detained by Immigration Officers?

This video features Cory Forman, an Immigration Law attorney based in New York.

NYC Immigration Lawyer Explains What to Do

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Do you know what to do if you have a family member who's been taken by immigration officers? We're asking New York City lawyer Cory Forman for this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Cory Forman:

The first thing that someone should do is contact a lawyer because the immigration system could be a black hole. The person will be brought somewhere, you'll have no idea where, the immigration officer won't tell you where they're being taken. You contact an expert in the field, they'll know the people to call, the agencies to call, they'll be able to track down where that individual is, and they make contact with the law enforcement officials who took that individual into custody. Better yet, the lawyer will have the opportunity, hopefully to speak with the individual to advise them of their rights, tell them what to and what not to sign. A lot of important decisions have to be made in those first frantic hours in terms of what an individual is gonna sign, what they're gonna talk to. Getting an attorney to speak with that person is vital, so don't try to hunt down anyone yourself, don't try to make calls yourself. There's a thousand numbers out there. Contact a lawyer.

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