Louisville Car Accident Lawyer: Using PIP Coverage After a Crash

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“Anyone involved in a collision really ought to call an attorney so that you can walk through these issues.”

What is personal injury protection (PIP), and how can it help after a car accident?

Tad Thomas is a Louisville car accident lawyer with Thomas Law Offices. He opened the firm in 2011 and can assist clients in Louisville, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois; and Cincinnati, Ohio.

In this interview, he explains how PIP coverage can help with injury costs following an accident. He also offers tips for getting the most out of your car insurance coverage when you’ve been in a car or truck accident.

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Key Takeaways From Tad Thomas:

No-fault insurance is designed to make sure that lost wages and medical expenses can be covered to some degree for every party involved in a car accident and differs from state to state. Unfortunately, the pre-decided amount of PIP insurance most vehicle owners have is often insufficient to pay for the entirety of the damages an accident victim suffers.

Purchasing or increasing the amount of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance can help mitigate the financial risk to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. Additionally, an experienced attorney can help direct the use of your PIP insurance to maximize its usefulness, and can make sure to engage your health insurance policy as well.

PIP insurance includes $10,000 worth of coverage in Kentucky.

Unfortunately, this baseline amount of coverage is often insufficient to cover the entirety of a car accident victim’s damages. A car accident victim can decrease the damage to their pocketbook by directing their insurance benefits in a way that maximizes the potential of their coverage to pay for only what you want it to.

If you suffered a major injury in a car accident that you know will exceed the $10,000 of insurance coverage (or whatever the baseline coverage amount is for your state), consider directing your benefits. In order to direct benefits, it’s important to tell your insurance company to refrain from paying any bills submitted to them without your approval. Then, instead of having your car insurance pay your medical bills, you can first submit your medical bills to your health insurance provider to get the most out of both benefits programs you are enrolled in.

Consider adding PIP if you can afford it.

Thomas suggests adding to the PIP insurance you already have if you can afford it. If you have previously waived PIP insurance, consider adding it back. PIP insurance is relatively inexpensive, even when a policyholder purchases above the average amount, but can be invaluable in the event of a collision.

The more PIP insurance a policyholder has, the more financially protected they are in the event of an accident. The good news is that this added protection comes at a relatively low cost. Talk to your insurance provider to learn more about PIP insurance and to discuss increasing your current policy.

Accident attorneys are well-versed in both insurance and accident law.

The law surrounding car accidents and insurance law can be extremely complex. The complexity of the law combined with insurance companies that are more interested in keeping their money than paying your claims can spell financial disaster for an accident victim. However, accident attorneys know exactly what pitfalls to watch out for, and can direct your insurance benefits quickly and effectively on your behalf to get the most out of the insurance you already have.

If hiring an attorney sounds like just another expense, it may help to note that many of these attorneys offer free consultations and work on contingency. This means that a car accident attorney’s services come at no cost to you unless they are able to recover compensation on your behalf, costing you as little as possible and allowing you the time and peace necessary to begin recovering.

To learn more, contact Tad Thomas directly by calling 888-981-0031 or by submitting a contact form on this page. There is no charge for the consultation, and you never owe any out-of-pocket attorney fees.

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