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Alan Robertson is a Longview injury attorney trial attorney with Sloan Law Firm based in Longview, Texas, with offices in Houston and Santa Fe. He focuses his practice on car and truck accidents, as well as oil field injuries and defective products.

In this video, he explains how the values he learned growing up in East Texas influenced his work helping people as a personal injury lawyer.

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Robertson credits his Texan upbringing with the values he has incorporated into his practice.

Raised in East Texas, Robertson’s upbringing was instilled with Southern values, including how to have compassion on others, and act on that compassion in an active way. This desire to help those in need in a practical way is what draws many attorneys to the field of personal injury law. Personal injury attorneys like Robertson have the compassion and empathy necessary to get to know their clients’ situations one-on-one and help identify the best possible solution to help the clients and their families in the recovery process.

However, simply having the desire to help people is not enough to be a good lawyer. Robertson combines years of experience and industry know-how to help his clients obtain the best compensation possible to help pay their expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, you do not have to handle these expenses alone. Robertson and other reputable personal injury attorneys are well-versed in litigating these cases, helping injured parties achieve maximum recovery as efficiently as possible.

Actions speak louder than words.

Robertson attributes his belief that actions speak louder than words to the East Texas values he brings to work with him on a daily basis. Merely caring for people is not enough; it’s important to express care by taking action, showing a person in need that you will do whatever needs to be done to help them fight through their injury and the subsequent damage to their life and the life of their family. When looking for an attorney it’s important to take the time to find one that is willing to sit down with you, listen with compassion, and help you develop a plan to move toward a solution. Good personal injury attorneys will stand by the value that Robertson described, and will take the time to explain the meaning behind technical legal phrases which might otherwise leave an injured party desperately confused.

It may also help to note that most personal injury attorneys work on contingency, including Robertson. This means that in addition to offering free initial consultations, a client will only be charged if or when the attorney is able to win their case, at which point the legal team would be paid out of the proceedings. If you or a loved have suffered a personal injury, you don’t have to handle the situation alone. Reputable personal injury attorneys are ready to stand by you and do whatever they can to get their clients the help they need.

To learn more, contact Alan Robertson directly by calling 888-364-6814 or by submitting a contact form on this page. The consultation is free and confidential, and you owe no out-of-pocket attorney fees.

Video Transcript:

I'm a son of East Texas. I've lived here all my life, and I could not help but to take East Texas's values as my own. Part of those values to me is showing people how much you care, not just talking about it. I believe that actions speak louder than words. And so I've tried to bring that to my law practice here at the Sloan Firm.

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