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Raymond Hatcher is a trial lawyer and Longview injury attorney with Sloan Law Firm, which is based in Longview, Texas, and has offices in Houston and Santa Fe. He devotes his practice exclusively to litigation, and his areas of practice include truck accidents, car accidents, commercial litigation, toxic torts, ERISA claims, and workplace injury cases.

In this video, he explains his journey towards becoming a personal injury lawyer, which included oil field work, feed yards, grain elevators, and pharmaceutical companies. After working as a defense lawyer for pharmaceutical companies, he realized his true calling: representing injured individuals as a plaintiff's attorney.

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Hatcher was raised in a blue-collar family in South Texas.

His father worked in a power plant and his mother was a teacher and librarian. Splitting his time between Mission, Texas on the border between Texas and Mexico, and his grandfather’s ranch in Beeville, Texas, he was exposed to a range of people and culture. He worked throughout high school and college across an equally wide range of occupations.

He worked a wide variety of jobs before and during law school before joining the defense team for a pharmaceutical company.

While attending law school, Hatcher worked in sales, marketing, and management positions for a pharmaceutical company, before joining their defense team upon his graduation. He credits this experience with his decision to later switch over to personal injury law. While defending the pharmaceutical company from lawsuits by people injured by the company’s products, he realized that he was effectively denying people who were injured and suffering as a result of the pharmaceutical company the help they needed to recover.

Hatcher decided he wanted to help injured people rather than deny valid injury claims, and joined Sloan Firm in 2003.

Since joining Sloan Firm in 2003, Hatcher has focused on representing injured individuals against negligent parties, helping them seek the help and compensation they deserve. Fields of personal injury law include vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, product liability, premises liability, wrongful death claims, and more. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury due to another party’s negligence, don’t wait to seek help. There are many personal injury lawyers like Hatcher who are ready and able to listen to your situation and help come to the solution that is right for you and your family.

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Video Transcript:

I grew up in South Texas, splitting my time between Mission, Texas, which is right on the Texas-Mexico border, and my grandfather's ranch in Beeville, Texas. Spent about half time in each place, grew up in a blue-collar family, my father worked in a power plant, my mother was a teacher and librarian. I worked while I was in high school and in college in a variety of occupations. I actually worked in the oilfield, poured concrete, framed houses, cut meat, worked in grain elevators, worked in feed yards, so I feel like I've got a pretty broad background and lots of experience.

After I got out of graduate school, I went to work for a pharmaceutical company and worked in sales, marketing, and management positions for seven years, at which time I went to law school at Texas Tech University, and when I got out of law school, I went to work for a big law firm defending pharmaceutical companies, and that's kinda the genesis of me coming to the Sloan Firm and becoming a plaintiff's lawyer.

It's because I was defending those pharmaceutical companies, I realized what I was doing was denying people who were legitimately injured redressed for their injuries. So since 2003, I've been here at the Sloan Firm representing injured individuals every day.

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