Injured on an Excursion: Is the Cruise Ship Liable?

This video features John H. (Jack) Hickey, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Florida.

What happens if you're on a cruise, and you're injured while ziplining, riding in a float plane, enjoying a nature hike, or some other activity promoted by the cruise line as "fun" and "safe?"

John H. "Jack" Hickey is an injury attorney based in Miami. He has spent many years representing people who have been hurt or suffered losses while aboard cruise ships. In this video blog, he explains that when someone is injured on an excursion, liability can be tricky to determine.

Video Transcript:

So there's a couple of questions here legally and in terms of regulations and safety prevention. One question is and this will be answered as the NTSB concludes its investigation which is a long way away, and that is: Are there enough regulations on training, on recertification, on certification. Rules of the road. Are we training people and are we regulating what's called general aviation. Are we regulating them enough? We don't know the answer to that yet because we don't know what happened. So that's number one. Number two though is what's the liability of the cruise line in this. The cruise line markets this excursion, the cruise line represents on its website that its excursions are safe. That it if the cruise line chooses only safe operators, that if the cruise line basically vets these people and these companies... Does that mean that the cruise line can fulfill that obligation only by the beginning of the contract let's say, one, two, five years ago, making sure they have licenses or does that mean what it probably means to most people reading these representations that the cruise line does something all along the way to make sure that these companies are safe? And I would say that legislation is warranted that says hey, the cruise line should be held responsible automatically and what we call strict liability sense whenever there is negligence of the excursion company.

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