Injured in Distracted Driving Car Accident?

This video features Kathy McArthur, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Georgia.

Georgia Injury Lawyer Recommends Getting Legal Help ASAP

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

What should you do if you're injured in a crash with a texting driver? We asked Georgia attorney Kathy McArthur in this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Kathy McArthur: 

If you were injured, it's important to get an attorney and talk to an attorney and ask them what to do, because in order to get the cellphone records of the at-fault driver, you really need to do that within a short period of time, sometimes a year, sometimes six months, if it's a tractor trailer that hit you and you believe that tractor-trailer driver was talking on the phone or not using a hands-free device or something, and sometimes the records are destroyed in a six months time frame, so that if you don't get a lawyer, you don't file suit and have a subpoena put on the company for the adverse driver to get those records, those records can be lost.

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