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Thanks to a combination of alcohol and lax safety standards, many people have been injured at Top Golf, sometimes permanently.

Marc Lenahan, the owner of Lenahan Law Firm in Dallas, TX, says that he has filed more premises liability claims against Top Golf than probably any other attorney.

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Is Top Golf dangerous?

Many injuries have taken place at Top Golf facilities. Attorney Marc Lenahan has represented three people who have each lost eyes due to Top Golf accidents. Despite these injuries, Top Golf refuses to take basic safety precautions to prevent future injuries.

What injuries have happened at Top Golf? Has Top Golf made any changes to prevent injuries?

According to Lenahan, “They haven’t done a thing.” In one of his cases, a drunk person hit a ball backwards, hitting someone in the eye.

In another case, a person swinging a club hit a bystander in the eye.

In his third eye-related injury case, a club snapped, turned into a spear, and hit someone in the eye. Thankfully they survived the injury.

Lenahan has advocated for adding nets like you see in batting cages, but Top Golf won’t make any changes. All of these injuries could have been prevented with nets.

The clubs snapping is also a common occurrence. These clubs can be used up to hundreds of times a day, and they’re often used by inexperienced golfers. This increases the risk of the club breaking and hurting someone.

Does alcohol play a role in these injuries?

Alcohol is a huge problem in these injuries. It’s also a central part of their business.

“It is a nightclub in disguise,” Lenahan says. “It’s all about the booze.”

He says that according to older data, each location was clearing $500,000 in alcohol sales per month. He guesses that the bigger locations now bring in close to $1 million per month.

Besides eyeball injuries, what other types of Top Golf injuries have you seen?

The most common injuries tend to happen every day, such as:

  • Teeth being knocked out
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations

These types of injuries often require a visit to the hospital.

The most extreme injuries that can occur include:

  • Losing an eye
  • Paralysis from falling from a tall heigh
  • Getting hit in the face by a stray club, requiring facial reconstruction surgery

Why isn’t Top Golf doing more to prevent injuries?

The answer, as always, comes back to money. Not because it would be expensive to implement these solutions. It wouldn’t be. They’re worried that imposing too many safety measures could cut into the care-free party vibe that it’s worked hard to cultivate. If safety is emphasized too much, it might slow down the drink sales.

Is it a deliberate strategy on Top Golf’s part to let people get injured?

Marc Lenahan says yes. He says that when Top Golf does the math, they figure it’s ultimately cost-effective to keep dangerous working conditions in place and pay out the personal injury lawsuits as they come. This is ultimately better for their bottom line than adding safety measures that might slow down the sales of alcohol.

Should the government take action to make Top Golf enact stricter changes?

Lenahan says he would love to see the government get more involved. He was instrumental in getting the company to extend the fall safety nets to five feet at every location. He cites an example of a code compliance officer standing up to Top Golf, demanding that they include comprehensive safety nets or they wouldn’t be allowed to open up in their city. Lenahan urges more city officials to take a similar stance.

What will Top Golf do if one of their customers gets injured?

They’re going to deny responsibility and say that the injured person should sue the individual who caused the injury. That’s why injured customers should seek out an attorney to help them with their damages.

Lenahan stresses that Top Golf does not care about the safety of its customers.

“Top Gulf, unlike anybody I’ve ever seen, is just relentless in its willingness to see it’s people hurt,” he says.

What about Top Golf employees? Are they at risk of injury as well?

Top Golf does enact many OSHA-related standards, such as protecting people from falls or head injuries. Normally, workers who face risk of eye and teeth injuries should be wearing safety glasses and mouth guards. Since Top Golf doesn’t want to send this kind of signal to its customers, it does everything it can to avoid enforcement of safety standards.

What about the argument that people take a risk by going there?

The helmets and mouthguards wouldn’t be necessary if they used nets like a batting cage. All it would take is a simple safety standard to prevent these severe injuries.

If you’ve been injured at Top Golf, contact attorney Marc Lenahan now by calling 888-981-0019 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

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