Hurt in a Jet Ski Accident?

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“At first it seems easy, but then in a pinch it can be really dangerous.”

Jet skis and Sea-Doos are types of personal watercrafts, and injuries involving them are unfortunately common. If you’re hurt in a jet ski accident, what should you do after the injury?

John H. “Jack” Hickey is an injury attorney and maritime lawyer based in Miami. He is board-certified by the Florida bar in admiralty and maritime law, as well as trial law.

In this interview, he explains how these injuries occur and offers solutions for those injured while riding a personal watercraft. He says that many injuries occur on jet ski tours when the guides fail to fully train the guests on using the watercrafts.

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Key Takeaways From Jack Hickey:

Personal watercraft such as jet skis can offer a great deal of recreational fun, but also present significant dangers. Many watercraft injuries occur when people obtain a personal watercraft from a rental company. Some states including Florida require these rental companies to train renters on how to use the watercraft before they are sent out on their own, but this does not always happen. When rental companies fail to provide adequate training to their renters, severe injuries and even deaths can occur on the water.

Collisions are a common problem with jet skis.

Collisions can occur between two or more jet skis, or a jet ski with another type of watercraft. Unfortunately, injuries in these situations tend to be catastrophic and life-changing. Due to the power of the jet ski combined with the inherent unpredictability of water, recreational activities on the water tend to be riskier than those on land. Additionally, when someone takes out a jet ski or other watercraft without thorough prior training, they open themselves up to all kinds of common pitfalls which can lead to dangerous accidents.

The training required by law for rental companies to offer with jet skis is specific.

Training requirements for renters are specific to each state; in Florida, renters are supposed to be trained and tested while on land, and then trained again in the water with the jet ski before they are allowed to take the craft out. This is true even for jet ski tours with an experienced guide leading the group. When a rental company rushes through this training or neglects them altogether, the consequences can be severe.

Jet skis are powerful and must be handled properly.

Jet skis and other personal watercraft are extremely heavy and extremely powerful. Due to their speed and mass, the force of the craft is intense and difficult to stop. Similarly, it is essential that jet skiers be careful when turning. While taking fast turns on a personal watercraft can be fun, this is where a lot of accidents can occur; inexperienced skiers often let off the throttle when turning, which actually results in a dangerous loss of control of the craft. Unfortunately, this often occurs when approaching another vessel on the water, trying to turn out of its path, and failing to do so.

Personal watercraft accidents are handled differently than standard car accidents.

Assuming that the accident occurred in navigable waters other than a lake, maritime law applies to the accident. Maritime or admiralty law is a specific set of laws governing water vessels. Maritime lawyers are specifically educated and trained in this field to its specificity. Due to the complex nature of maritime law, it is important to find a maritime lawyer if you or a loved one were injured in a jet ski or other watercraft accident. In some states, there is a board certification for maritime and admiralty lawyers to prove that they understand the law in this area.

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