How I Became a Utah Injury Lawyer

This video features Kevin Swenson, a Personal Injury attorney based in Utah.

Former Insurance Defense Attorney Now Exclusively Helping the Injured

Video Transcript:

Kevin Swenson:

Getting through school, I worked as a firefighter and ran an ambulance with the idea that I was going to go to medical school. There were parts of medicine that I really liked and parts that I didn't like, and so I decided I wanted to help people with the parts I did like, and decided to go to law school instead.

I started out doing work in the personal injury arena but on the opposite side of it; so I represented insurance companies, and I always had some cases where I represented the individuals, but the bulk of my work was representing insurance companies. I did that for 20 years. A couple of the big things I learned from working for the insurance companies about how they work; one, everything is a cost center for them. So their claim center becomes a cost center. They're trying to make money on their claims department. The second thing kind of ties right into that: they just don't want to pay. They want to do anything they can to hold on to their money. So that means when you get a claim, it's frequent that they'll just deny the claim, then they’ll delay the claim; they do anything they can to avoid paying out on that claim when they should.

I made the move from Salt Lake down to St. George and moved practice types to start exclusively representing injured people. I'm really passionate about seeing people make recoveries, and seeing those that are responsible for the problems that they've caused be held accountable. It’s something I just love doing. I feel like we get to protect the underdog a lot, going against the big companies.

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