How I Became a New York City Divorce Lawyer

This video features Carla Barone, a Family Law attorney based in New York.

Meet NYC Divorce Attorney Carla Barone

Video Transcript:

I grew up really always loving academics, I love to read, I love to write, love to understand one side or the other of an issue. That kind of led me to an interest in the law, also had some personal experience just with members of the family getting in touch with the legal system for better or worse, and so that motivated me to become basically a public defender. I began in New York City with the Legal Aid Society in New York as a criminal defense attorney and started there working in the courtroom, learning the law, and then transitioned into divorce law, and one of the reasons I love being a divorce lawyer is that I'm helping people transition out of a difficult time to hopefully a better time in their life, and so working with people in understanding the challenges that they're facing currently and in the future and helping provide solutions to those is what drives me. I really would say "Listen more than speak" is probably the secret. The client has certainly lived life from the perspective they are in and needs help navigating that now, and the best person to gather your facts from is your client. And so I find that listening and using what you learn from your client against the structure of the law provides you with the best ammunition in court.

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