How Do You Find the Best Divorce Lawyer For Your Case?

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“They need to know the rules of evidence, procedure, and substantive law. They need to be able to present it, to make a case in a compelling way.”

If divorce is on the horizon, the first thing you need to do is find the right attorney. But where do you begin? How do you find the best divorce lawyer for your case?

Chaim Steinberger is a family law attorney with Chaim Steinberger, P.C, based in New York. In this interview, he explains that a mix of book smarts, persuasive presentation skills, creativity, and courage are some of the qualities to look for when searching for a good divorce lawyer.

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Key Takeaways From Chaim Steinberger:

Choosing a divorce attorney can be like trying to figure out if your mechanic is overcharging you for a service or part you’ve never heard of and don’t have the expertise to understand. A successful divorce attorney needs to have the charm and social presentation of a salesman, but also needs to have the technical knowledge and understanding of surrounding matters of family law. While the former may be easy enough to recognize, the latter can be extraordinarily difficult to assess for someone who does not have the expertise to identify this skillset.

Look for a well-rounded lawyer.

The ideal divorce attorney is one who is adept at social interactions, can tell an engaging story without losing the interest of their audience, and is a good listener regarding your needs and situation. These skills ensure that an attorney can present your case in the best possible manner to convince a judge of the sincerity of your needs in the matter of divorce.

Listen for professionalism in the way an attorney conducts themself; this is indicative of confidence both in their presentation and potentially their knowledge of the subject matter. However, just because an attorney is an excellent speaker does not mean that they have the technical expertise to utilize the law to the fullest on your behalf. It’s important to ask your attorney questions about your situation and the law as it relates to you.

A knowledgeable attorney should be able to explain legal matters to you in a simple but thorough way to help you better understand your options. This indicates that the attorney has a strong understanding of the law and is prepared to present your case in relation to the applicable laws in whatever way is most likely to see justice done for you and your family.

It is important to talk to your lawyer face to face; in-person meetings are transitioning to video conferencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s important to sit down with your lawyer and discuss your situation, as well as begin a strategizing session. Steinberger shares that his strategizing sessions usually run between two and three hours, and in that time he teaches his client everything they need to know about divorce law as it applies to their case, different dispute-resolution processes and what is likely to work for them, as well as making an initial game plan for how to proceed with legal matters.

In the past, all of this would have been done in a face-to-face meeting in the attorney’s brick-and-mortar law firm. However, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings are being conducted using video conferencing software instead, and are likely to continue to move this direction in the future. On the bright side, the use of video conferencing software for both client meetings and courtroom business has decreased the overall time an attorney has to spend traveling from place to place; this saves clients both time and money in the attorney’s billable hours.

Steinberger stresses the importance of talking to your lawyer face-to-face, even if it can only be done over a video conference; this gives you the opportunity to look your potential lawyer in the eye and see if they inspire confidence in you. Steinberger recommends trusting your gut in addition to evaluating the other qualities of a good lawyer discussed herein, which is much easier to do in a face-to-face scenario than over the phone or email.

To learn more, contact Chaim Steinberger directly by calling 888-981-0039 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

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