Hiring a Estate Planning Attorney With Litigation Experience

This video features Vincent Casiano, an Estate Planning attorney based in California.

California Probate Litigation Lawyer Vinny Casiano

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal: 

What's the advantage in having a probate litigator who can also draft estate planning documents? We ask California lawyer, Vinnie Casiano for an Ask The Lawyer's quick question.

Vinny Casiano: 

Certainly, I think I mentioned this before in a previous interview, Rob, but I tend to do both. Not tend, I do both. So I draft documents and I litigate plans. I don't... Literally, I don't usually litigate the plans that I draft, but I will become involved up to a certain point. Bottomline is that somebody that both drafts plans and litigates them, and while they're drafting them, I'm thinking about all the things that could happen that could screw up the plan. If I'm litigating... When I'm litigating it, the first thing I'm doing is I wanna interview that drafting attorney and find out, Did he do or she do things in a way that is going to subject that plan to attack? So, having skills in both areas, I think is quite beneficial to my clients.

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