Heating Pad Burns: Do I Need An Attorney?

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“These devices are very common, but people can suffer serious injuries from them, especially if they’re used over a [long] period of time.”

Wondering what to do about a heating pad burn? Not sure if you need a lawyer?

Trent Shuping is an injury attorney with the Warshauer Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia. In this video, he explains why you should hire an attorney if you’ve been burned or injured by a manufactured heating pad. Such injuries are common, and the makers of the pad can be held responsible if their faulty design caused injuries. If this situation happens to you, need someone in your corner who can seek correct answers and resolutions.

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Key Takeaways From Trent Shuping:

Heated pads and blankets are designed to provide a comfortable amount of heat. However, if an injury occurs due to one of the pads or blankets, it could reflect on the care and caution of the manufacturer who made it.

Manufacturers are liable for faulty and damaging products.

Most heated products are designed to only heat to a certain temperature, or to turn off after being used for a certain length of time. However, if a product exceeds these standards, it can cause mild or serious injuries for which the manufacturer can be held liable.

Cases often depend on the condition of the product and the severity of the injury.

If a consumer uses a heating product in a way that is different from how they’re supposed to use it, or in a way that contradicts the instructions or safety regulations of that product, then the manufacturer cannot be held liable for injuries—the consumer misused the product, but the product itself was not necessarily dangerous or poorly designed in a way that led to an injury. However, if a consumer uses the blanket correctly and is injured by it, then this suggests a defect on the part of the product—the manufacturer can be held liable for this. Stores are generally not liable for injuries of this kind, as they have no way of ensuring the standards of every product in their stock without opening them and rendering them unusable or undesirable.

Cases also depend on injury severity. If you receive a light burn on a couple of fingers while coming into contact with the heating product, your damages may not be very much. Most likely, minor injuries will be gone before a case can even be put into motion, and it’s difficult to prove the presence of a bad injury without some kind of physical representation.

However, if a severe injury occurs, your case is much stronger. Physical evidence of a burn or other trauma proves that you have in fact been hurt by a product, and it’s easier to present a case for damages in the form of medical bills, work pay loss, or other costs associated with a serious injury.

Attorneys can help you navigate the legal system and pursue those who are at fault.

A burn from a heating pad or blanket may not sound very serious, but these injuries can be very painful and debilitating for those who suffer through them—and they can become even worse if they are not treated properly and promptly.

As soon as you receive medical attention for your injuries, you should contact an attorney who can help you figure out the injury’s cause and who is at fault for it. If it is the manufacturer that is responsible, the attorney can give you key information and help you create a case that prevents similar incidents from happening—and a case that gets you the money you need to recover.

To learn more, contact the attorney directly by calling 888-981-5602 or by submitting a contact form on this page. There is no charge for the consultation, and you never owe any out-of-pocket attorney fees.

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