Have Hawaiʻi Courts Reopened?

This video features Wayne D. Parsons, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Hawaii.

Honolulu Injury Lawyer Says Trials Will Resume Soon

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

A year into the pandemic, where do the courts in Hawaii stand as far as going to trial? Let's ask Hawaii attorney Wayne Parsons in this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Wayne Parsons:

We're right at the transition where cases are beginning to move again. Things slowed down starting in March of last year, but they're starting to move again now. The courts are anticipating opening up and getting trials moving. It's not an easy job because there's a gigantic backlog of cases, but during the past year, lawyers like myself, my cases I've been able to continue to move the cases to keep the preparation of the cases going, to conduct the types of things I need to do to get the case ready to settle, we hope they all settle out of court if they don't go to trial. So I think we're getting to that point. Trials are gonna begin again this summer, and I believe it'll be an acceleration of that through the fall and into next year, and so I think there will be a resolution of a lot of the cases that are pending, and we've been filing cases all year, and I'm optimistic that we're gonna get back to normal, maybe even with some improvements.

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