Has My Hip Replacement Been Recalled?

This video features George E. McLaughlin, a Personal Injury attorney based in Colorado.

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

What do you do if there's been a recall on your replacement hip? We asked Colorado lawyer George McLaughlin for this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

George McLaughlin:

Even though the failure rate of the long neck has been now deemed to be unacceptable, the risks of surgery are also significant, so you don't necessarily want to go in and have it taken out if it's never going to break. If you're a woman in your 80s and the most active thing you do is go to the grocery store, it's probably never going to break. But I've now talked to patients that have had these things break after 10 years; now they've been moving around doing things for 10 years, some more active than others. The fracture incidents seem to be associated with length of implant, body weight, and level of activity, those three things together. It’s kind of like bending a paperclip; if you never bend it, it'll never break. If you bend it just a little bit, it's probably not going to break. But if you bend it a lot, or if you bend it with a lot of force, then it's more likely to break.

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