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After yet another e-cigarette death, health officials are scrambling to analyze the health threats of e-cigs and vaping. This video features Brian Chase, managing partner and trial lawyer at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP. His firm is based in Newport Beach, California, and they handle cases nationwide. Contact attorney Brian Chase directly by calling 888-333-2350 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

What happened in this case?

According to a statement from Governor Laura Kelly, the victim was a 50-year-old man who also had underlying health conditions. This is the second confirmed Kansas death related to vaping. The first was a woman over 50 who also had other health conditions. Kelly says that safety organizations in Kansas are collaborating with other states and organizations to learn more about dangers presented by e-cigarettes. “We are coordinating a response to combat this epidemic, so that families can avoid such tragic outcomes,” she said. While these two are the only confirmed vaping related deaths in the state, there are seven other probable injury cases caused by e-cigarettes. These victims range in ages from 17 to 67 years old. The vaping materials involved in these illnesses included:

  • Only THC
  • Only nicotine
  • Only CBD
  • Combination of THC and nicotine

Is vaping dangerous?

According to the CDC, there have been a reported 530 illnesses caused in connection with vaping. Due to the overall lack of regulation concerning e-cigarettes and vaping, it’s difficult to properly determine the safety threat they pose. Especially concerning is that vaping is increasingly popular among young people. Many vaping companies will add chemical flavoring to the vapes in an attempt to appeal to a younger crowd. San Francisco has banned the sale of all electronic cigarettes. Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon, and Montana have all moved to enact some form of ban on vaping, in some cases just flavored products, in other cases, all types of e-cigarettes.

Who is liable for an e-cigarette death?

The manufacturers of vaping products could be held liable for injuries or deaths related to use of their products. One woman has already filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her 18-year-old son who passed away. She has sued Juul Labs, accusing them of hooking her son on addictive products that allegedly caused his death. He died in his sleep.

What should I do if I think an e-cigarette or vape killed a loved one?

If you suspect a connection between vaping and an illness or death, contact an attorney to learn more about what you should do next. Make sure the attorney has experience handling defective product claims. Ask about their courtroom experience as well. Injury attorneys offer free consultations so you can learn about your rights and options at no cost and no obligation. You also will not owe any upfront frees. Injury attorneys work on contingency, so you only owe attorney fees at the end of a successful case. If the case does not end in your favor, you won’t owe any attorney fees. Contact attorney Brian Chase directly by calling 888-333-2350 or by submitting a contact form on this page. He handles cases nationwide.

Video Transcript:

I'm Rob Rosenthal with AskTheLawyers.com and this is an AskTheLawyers.com legal brief. The current epidemic of deaths and injuries relating to e-cigarettes and vaping has claimed another victim, this time a 50-year-old man in Kansas. He's the second person to die in Kansas due to vaping and at least the ninth victim nationwide. Officials say there are more than 500 confirmed and probable cases of lung injuries related to e-cigarettes. Attorney Brian Chase of the Newport Beach, California law firm of Bisnar Chase points out that many of these products are unregulated and yet advertised as a safe alternative to traditional smoking. He says: "I've been saying for literally years now that these things were dangerous and deadly. As soon as I saw a big tobacco jump into the sales and marketing of these things, I knew it was Joe Camel and 'four out of five doctors recommend Camel' all over again. And here we are." He says: "Big tobacco has spent literally billions of dollars marketing these things and I've seen this movie before and sadly I know how it ends." The victims have reportedly used a variety of different products and devices. Some victims reported only vaping nicotine while others use THC. Some used CBD and others used some combination of THC and nicotine. For the best information about e-cigarettes and vaping lawsuits or to choose a lawyer that lawyers choose visit AskTheLawyers.com. This has been an AskTheLawyers.com legal brief. I'm Rob Rosenthal. Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only. In some states, this video may be deemed Attorney Advertising. The choice of lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.


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