Delay in Diagnosing Breast Cancer?

This video features Daniel Jeck, a Truck Accident attorney based in Pennsylvania.

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Video Transcript: 

Tom Mustin: 

What types of cancer are misdiagnosed most frequently? We ask Attorney Daniel Jack in this Ask the Lawyers: Quick Question.

Daniel Jack: 

In my travels, unfortunately, I've seen many, many cases involving women that have had a delay in diagnosing of breast cancer. And what happens in those cases is that typically a woman makes a complaint to a doctor about something, a sensation or a feeling that they've had perhaps on a self-breast exam where they've noticed an irregularity or an appearance or, God forbid, a lump. And what happens at that point is the physicians I've seen, instead of doing a biopsy, instead of taking a good look at it and testing it for cancer, there is a group of doctors that would wait on that, wait six months or a year to come back before they go forward and do a biopsy and take a look at the cells that are involved. In those types of cases, unfortunately, it could have been six months or a year or more in diagnosing breast cancer leading to a substantially-reduced prognosis for the patient.

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