Consumer Protection Laws: Know Your Rights with Unsafe Products

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Consumer protection laws are essential to give the average person the ability protect themselves against unfair business practices.

Do not expect the company to undo any wrongdoing on its own. It takes a skilled attorney to hold them accountable and seek compensation on behalf of the victims.

This Legal Brief features Philadelphia attorney Stewart Eisenberg with Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C. He explains that anyone injured by a potentially defective product can file suit against the designers, manufacturers, or other parties responsible for the harmful defect.

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Video Transcript:

I’m Leslie Rhode for, and this is our legal brief.

It’s one thing for a product to break down and stop working. But what if product malfunctions in a way that hurts or kills the consumer? From cell phones to dressers to clothes dryers, all sorts of seemingly harmless products have caused serious injuries.

Product liability laws are in place to keep us safe from defective products, and punish those responsible for releasing dangerous products into the public.

Stewart Eisenberg is an attorney based in Philadelphia. He says that manufacturers have a responsibility to provide safe products to consumers. He says:

“There are products that can cause all sorts of harm and damage when they aren’t designed properly, and when that happens and a catastrophe occurs, the people that are involved can bring a lawsuit against the manufacturers or the sellers of that product who weren’t designing it with safety in mind.”

He says that there are many questions to consider, such as: was the product designed safely? Was it manufactured improperly? Was the product designed safely, but then the seller made a mistake that led to injury? In many cases, they knew they had a dangerous product on their hands, he says, but released it anyway because they valued profits over safety.

He says that if you’ve suffered a product related injury, seek help immediately from an attorney with experience in product liability litigation.

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I’m Leslie Rhode, and this has been our legal brief.

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