Cancer from Valsartan: Do I Have a Case?

This video features Chris Gilreath, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in Tennessee.

Tennessee Attorney Explains When to Consider Legal Action

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

What's the problem with Valsartan, and how do you know if you might have a legal case? Let's ask Tennessee lawyer Chris Gilreath for this AskTheLawyers Quick Question.

Chris Gilreath: 

Valsartan is a commonly used high blood pressure medication. Originally, several years ago, the FDA discovered that certain manufacturers outside the US were manufacturing a variety of products, including Valsartan, and the Valsartan lots were being exposed to the carcinogen NDMA, and so this artificial ingredient was tainting the medication, and as people would take it over a period of time, they would be exposed an unhealthy amount to this carcinogen and people were being diagnosed with cancers that they had no history of receiving. And so primarily the way that people would know that they have a case is if they unusually all of a sudden are diagnosed with an unusual cancer, like a stomach cancer, a bladder cancer, liver cancer, and they have no history of it.

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