Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawsuits: What Are My Legal Options?

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With the help of attorney Stewart Eisenberg, over 1,300 survivors have sought recovery by filing Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawsuits. Several states have relaxed their statute of limitation laws to allow survivors to seek justice against their abusers. It’s not too late: one of Eisenberg’s Boy Scout abuse clients is 90 years old.

To learn more about your options as a survivor of Boy Scout sexual abuse, contact Stewart Eisenberg by calling 888-644-4288 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

What is happening with the Boy Scouts sexual abuse crisis?

This problem has been going on for a long time. The Boy Scouts have been keeping records of predators in their midst since 1910. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of children have been abused.

Almost a year ago, the Boy Scouts announced that they were considering filing for bankruptcy. This means that survivors could lose their legal rights if the Boy Scouts file for bankruptcy.

What types of cases has the attorney handled?

Originally, Stewart Eisenberg handled cases on an individual basis. However, he realized that not many people knew about their options for this scenario. Additionally, like many survivors of sexual abuse, Boy Scout victims were afraid to come forward. That’s why Eisenberg put out a public service announcement earlier in 2019. They got hundreds and hundreds of calls, and have since represented over 1,300 victims throughout the country. Along with his firm and two others, Eisenberg helped create the group Abused in Scouting. This has helped survivors realize that they are not alone and there is strength in numbers.

If it ever happens, how will this bankruptcy filing affect survivors?

It would mean that claims would be halted, and every legal claim would be evaluated within the bankruptcy court. Many states have opened windows to lift the statute fo limitations from older victims, which applies to the majority of cases. If more lawsuits are filed, it could create a greater incentive for the Boy Scouts to file bankruptcy.

Talks with the Boy Scouts have not yielded answers as to whether they will file bankruptcy, or when it would occur.

What would you say to a survivor who is not sure if they should come forward?

Eisenberg would say that these feelings of shame, fear, and apprehension are totally normal for survivors of abuse, especially when they were abused as children. They might feel like it’s their fault. They might be afraid that their family or friends or coworkers will find out about it.

However, Eisenberg says that people he’s spoken to feel a profound sense of relief after they come forward, especially after holding this secret in for decades. Eisenberg is currently working with someone who is 90 years old who came forward with abuse allegations.

Eisenberg says that he is here to listen to anyone curious about what their rights are. He says that coming forward and talking about the abuse with someone is a crucial part of recovery.

Is there a deadline?

It’s not too late. You can still come forward and speak with an attorney. However, if the bankruptcy comes to fruition, that would come up with a deadline for survivors to come forward. The bankruptcy would create what is called a bar date, and if you miss that deadline, you may be out of options.

To learn more about your options as a survivor of Boy Scout sexual abuse, contact Stewart Eisenberg by calling 888-644-4288 or by submitting a contact form on this page.

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