Biocell Breast Implants and Cancer: Are You At Risk?

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All too often, manufacturers create products with severe health risks to consumers. In many cases, they know about these risks, hide them, and release the products anyway. When manufacturers put profits over health and safety, the only way to hold them accountable is through legal action. Two women have filed a class action lawsuit against Allergan, the makers of breast implants with a link to a rare type of cancer. The women learned about the recall after their surgeries. The women say that they paid tens of thousands of dollars for them, and had they known that there was a risk of cancer, they never would have gotten the implants. Their class action lawsuit seeks compensation for the surgical costs and the costs for safer replacements.

Biocell Breast Implants Recalled After FDA Warned of Cancer Risk

By September of 2018, the FDA had received 457 claims of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL, a rare type of cancer, from women who had the Biocell implants. Among these claims were nine deaths which, according to the FDA, “might be attributable to” the cancer. Allergan pulled its Biocell breast implants from the market upon request from the FDA in July 2019. Allergan said that they will cover the cost for replacement implants, but they will not pay for the surgeries themselves.

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This news brief features Brian Chase, a product liability attorney with many years of successful experience helping people injured by defective products. He is the senior trial attorney at Bisnar Chase and heads up the litigation department of the firm. Brian was named 2019 Lawyer of the Year. He was the 2015 President of the Consumer Attorneys of California and is a Past President of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association. In 2014 he was named Trial Lawyer of the Year in products liability by the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association. In 2012, Chase was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Consumer Attorneys of California. To learn more, submit the contact form on the side of the page or contact the attorney directly by calling 888-333-2350.

Video Transcript:

I'm Rob Rosenthal with™ and this is an™ legal brief. Breast implant manufacturer Allergan is being sued over its recalled Biocell textured breast implants which have been linked to a rare form of cancer called Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL. Allergan recently announced that it was voluntarily recalling the implants after the Food and Drug Administration logged hundreds of cases where women who had the implants developed BIA-ALCL. The two women bringing the class action lawsuit are seeking monetary damages for themselves and other women who receive these implants because they will be forced to spend a significant amount of money to get the implants removed as well as for surgical, diagnostic, and other treatment costs. Attorney Brian Chase of the Los Angeles based law firm of Bisnar Chase has a history of successfully representing clients harmed by defective products. And he says: "Manufacturers of medical devices have a duty to make products that are safe for consumers. Reports of these textured breast implants leading to cancer are cause for major concern." And he says "If you have been diagnosed with lymphoma after receiving a textured breast implant please contact an experienced product defect attorney who will remain on your side, fight for your rights and help you secure maximum compensation for your tremendous losses.” As of September 2018 the FDA had received 457 unique reports of BIA-ALCL, including nine deaths that were linked to the cancer. I'm Rob Rosenthal with™ and this has been an™ legal brief.

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