Bicycle Hit by Car Door: Who is Responsible?

This video features Claude Wyle, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer Explains

Video Transcript:

Leslie Rhode:

Whose fault is it when a bicyclist has a dooring accident? We ask San Francisco attorney Claude Wyle in this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Claude Wyle:

When a bicyclist is riding where they're supposed to ride, and somebody swings open a door into their path, and the bicyclist hits the door, or the door hits the bicyclist as they're passing by, there is 100% liability on the part of the person opening the door. Opening a door is just the same as violating anybody's right away in any kind of collision, just like you ran a stop sign or ran a red light. If you throw a door in front of a bicyclist you have violated their right of way, and that bicyclist has a 100% liability case against whoever opened that door.

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