Bicycle Defect Caused Injury?

This video features Claude Wyle, a Personal Injury attorney based in California.

California Bike Accident Lawyer Investigates Defective Products

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

What if a problem with my bicycle caused my accident? We asked San Francisco attorney Claude Wyle in this Ask the Lawyers Quick Question. 

Claude Wyle:

Well sometimes there's no other car involved or a truck or a bus, and sometimes it's an equipment failure. We have to look at that equipment failure and determine whether there's a product liability case, maybe a design defect, maybe a manufacturing defect, or maybe a maintenance defect that was caused at the bike store. Maybe the bike shop did something wrong when they tuned up your bike, maybe when they sold you the bike, they didn't do the proper assembly that they should have, so it could either be something wrong with the design of the bike, something wrong with the way the bike was manufactured, something wrong with the assembly of the bike, maybe they didn't follow the right rules, maybe they didn't follow the check-off sheet and make sure every single part that was supposed to be torqued just right, tightened just right. Maybe they didn't do that and maybe the steering was loose, maybe a wheel came off of the forks. We have to check all these things as possible factors in causing an injury to a bicyclist.

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