Attorneys Who Try Cases VS Attorneys Who Settle

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Attorneys who try cases vs attorneys who settle: what’s the difference, and do insurance companies keep tabs on which attorneys will fight back against them?

John Sloan is the founder of Sloan Law Firm, which has offices in Longview, Texas; Houston, Texas; and Sante Fe, New Mexico. He focuses his practice on truck and auto accidents, defective products, oilfield accidents, brain injury cases, and other fields of personal injury law. In this Quick Question, he explains that if you pick an attorney known for settling cases, the insurance company will settle the case for less than you deserve.

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Well-funded corporations know which attorneys are likely to take a case to court rather than settling for a lower offer.

After finding yourself in an accident with injuries resulting in damages that require legal action to compensate, it’s important to know that trucking companies, insurance companies, and other large corporations are already aware of the lawyers practicing in this field. In fact, these companies often have their own legal teams that keep a list of the trial attorneys they don’t want bringing a case against them.

If one of these companies is afraid of dealing with a particular attorney, that’s good news for the attorney’s clients. While any attorney can take a case to court, trial attorneys often have greater experience and skill in this area. Trial attorneys undergo additional client advocacy training in addition to having more experience in the courtroom rather than settling outside of court. This is why it’s a good idea to ask an attorney about their trial experience and track record for success before hiring them for your case. Attorneys with less experience in the courtroom are more likely to settle for a lower amount outside of court rather than face trial. The trucking and insurance companies know this, too.

Knowing that a case will be reviewed by a jury of 12 ordinary citizens can help encourage an insurance or company trucking to behave properly.

Trucking and insurance companies know that depending on the attorney representing an injured party, they will be more or less likely to get away with offering an insufficient settlement. When these companies are aware that they are facing an experienced trial attorney who intends to bring the case before a court to be evaluated by a jury of 12 ordinary citizens, there is a greater pressure to conduct themselves fairly. Often this incitement is enough to establish a fair settlement.

However, if this still does not happen, a trial attorney will offer an injured party the best chance at receiving maximum compensation through trial in court. Most of the attorneys that work these cases offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis; this means an injured person does not need to pay for their legal services unless their attorney wins the case. Within the initial consultation, it’s a good idea to ask about an attorney’s trial experience and track record for success, as well as their experience handling cases like yours.

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Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

Does the insurance company know if your personal injury attorney is willing to go to trial, and how does that help you?

That's what we ask Texas attorney John Sloan in this Quick Question.

John Sloan:

When you go up against a corporation, a trucking company, insurance company, someone as powerful and as well-funded as those corporations are, you've got to have an advocate that they know can present your case in court. Otherwise they don't have the fear of facing a jury of 12 ordinary citizens and having their conduct examined by them. If they know that it's a lawyer that's gonna try to settle the case, they're going to settle the case, but probably for a much less compensation than the client is probably deserving of.

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