Attorney Interview: All About Product Liability Law

What happens when you get injured by a product you expect to be safe - like a dresser, cell phone, or dryer set?

You call a lawyer experienced in product liability law.

Stewart Eisenberg is one such attorney. In this video, he explains all the options available if you are injured by a product.

To learn more about your options for seeking justice as a victim of a dangerous product, contact him now by calling 888-644-4288.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • What is product liability?
  • How do you determine who is responsible for a defective product injury?
  • What's the difference between being injured by a "safe" product like a cell phone and a "dangerous" product like a gun or a knife?
  • Can companies avoid liability by adding a warning tag or sticker to a product?
  • What are some examples of product liability lawsuits?
  • What if the consumer uses the product incorrectly and injury results?
  • How common are kid's toy recalls?
  • Is a company still liable if it puts an age warning on toys? ("Suitable for ages 12 and up")
  • Do the same laws apply you buy the product second-hand (at a yard sale, for example) and don't see any of the warnings included in the original packaging?
  • What if you buy something and you're not sure who made it? (i.e. something purchased on Amazon or eBay)

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only. In some states, this video may be deemed Attorney Advertising. The choice of lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.


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